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  • Kate Breyer

Is My Old Down Comforter, Pillow, Featherbed Worth Renovating?

Updated: 2 days ago

Yes, your old down comforter, pillow or featherbed is worth renovating, and not just because it belonged to your beloved grandma. You may have a comforter, pillows or featherbed that are all down or a blend of feather and down. Many older downs are from Europe where the qualities are very good. So just because the fabric is worn and of course likely leaking, you are wondering if it is worth it to renovate. Well, putting sentiment aside, yes it is. Natural filling, especially if it is cared for with regular cleaning and airing will last for decades. There will be some loss after the cleaning process which is normal, especially the feather component.

A complete renovation is taking your downs apart, cleaning the fill naturally with ultra violet light as they have done in Europe for decades. This method protects your fill, but soaps and dry cleaning fluids will rob the down of its natural oils leaving it clumpy and flat. If not completely dry that will also cause problems. The filling can be boosted up by adding new down especially if you have lost a lot. The fill is then put into a new high thread count pillow, comforter or featherbed/topper shell. You can also repurpose your downs into something you would prefer. For example if you have a featherbed or a bag of loose fill you might want something closer to a down topper which is ultra luxurious with the addition of lofty white goose down. Our unique wide baffle channel is more efficient than a box style or pillow style as the fill can only move in 2 directions. It is easy to reposition when fluffing up. Once the fill moves out of the boxes, it cannot be moved back so you end up with a sparse center with most of the fill having moved to the outer edges. It is also environmentally friendly to renovate and not to keep buying new.

To summarize, renovation makes sense especially if you have been enjoying your downs, and of course wish to preserve the sentimental value. Plus your downs could be a better quality than a lot of the cheaper downs available in the market.

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