Luxury Featherbeds

BodyCloudTM   Featherbed with Down On Top 


Supported by the feather blend on the bottom and topped off with dreamy down this BodyCloudTM featherbed will make going to bed a whole new experience.The top is 260 thread count cotton, sewn through box construction filled with white down, the bottom is a channel construction 195 threadcount filled with 95/5 white duck feather/down, all in one piece 3" with a  gusset.



















  Size              Weight           Price 

  Queen       20 oz top          $415

                180 ozs bottom

  King            24 ozs top       $495

                240 ozs bottom

BodyCloudTM Deluxe White Goose Down/Feather 50/50 Featherbed

Will Deliver A Splendid Sleep Experience.

BodyCloudTM, the body's ultimate repair kit. More down is more lofty, cushiony and definitely more luxurious. Get more down in your BodyCloudTM 50/50 down/featherbed for deluxe level comfort. Improve any mattress, more importantly don't waste another night tossing and turning. Sink into BodyCloudTM, the ultimate luxury in a featherbed and  your body will thank you. for it. The only thing better is a BodyCloudTM Down Bed, the ultimate in softness and unparalleled comfort. BodyCloudTM improves any bed naturally, taking the "hurt" out of a mattress that is too firm, that robs you of deep restful sleep. So whether you are trying to replicate your favorite inn, 5 star hotel or make your mattress more back friendly, BodyCloudTM is the answer.

Enjoy the extra puffiness from the BodyCloudTM extra stuffed which also provides a little extra support. Call for pricing 800 USA DOWN or 212 840 2550


Size                 Weight              Price

 Twin                 12 lbs             $1995

 Full                   15 lbs             $2350


 Queen              19 lbs            $2895


 King                  26 lbs           $3190


 Cal.king            26 lbs           $3190

European Pillow Style Featherbed

Sink into this billowy style with even more fill for a luxurious experience.

Size                 Weight              Price

 Twin                 12 lbs             $2095

 Full                   15 lbs             $2550


 Queen              19 lbs            $3095


 King                  26 lbs           $3390


 Cal.king            26 lbs           $3390

Always Protect Your Featherbed With A Featherbed Cover


Knife Edge Featherbed Cover. 100% cotton 205 thread count, zipper on one side. 

Twin  $85    Full  $105    Queen  $125    King  $135    Cal.King  $145

Call 800 872 3696 for Custom Size Quote.

To Order:  800 USA DOWN  

Questions? email  

or call 212 840 2550

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