Care For Down Bedding

white goose down baffle box comforter on

To protect your precious downs, thoroughly clean naturally, refresh & re-fluff and ensure enjoyment for many years,  we recommend the following:


Renovate (clean and new cover)  every 3 - 5 years due to hair oil, as this will weaken the down proof ticking and cause the down to leak out.


Clean every 5 years to refresh and re-fluff.

Renovate (clean and new cover) every 10 years to refresh, re-fluff, make like new.

Down Toppers & Down Featherbeds

Renovate (clean and new cover) every 7 - 10 years to refresh, re-fluff, make like new.

Note:  When only cleaning comforters, stains will not come out of this very tightly woven material.  They must be removed immediately. For a small stain move the down away and take  mild soap and water on a cloth.  Dry thoroughly. For larger stains or pet stains we recommend total renovation (clean and new cover).

down comforter and down pillow on window

In Between Cleaning

& Renovation


Down loves fresh air so when it comes time for spring cleaning hang out your comforters, pillows and toppers on a dry, warm sunny day to refresh and plump up. For large items like down beds and featherbeds hang over a table or chairs outside.

In winter you can put your pillow, comforters and thin toppers in a dryer on low or fluff for 15 mins to refresh and re-fluff.