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lady sleeping under down comforter on a goose down pillow.


SnowgooseTM Luxury Down Pillows


Our Signature Line SnowgooseTM down pillow comes in 2 levels of luxurious Connoisseur's Choice qualities, with specifications for high lofting White Goose Down, and high thread count down proof cotton. The SnowgooseTM Line is all hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial.  All SnowgooseTM  down pillows come with a  Comfort Guarantee, a free adjustment if too firm.


Choosing The Right Down Pillow. 

A Soft Pillow is for a stomach sleeper.

A Medium Pillow is for a back sleeper, or a side sleeper with smaller shoulders.
A Firm Pillow is for a side sleeper

Snowgoose Luxury Down Pillow

SnowgooseTM Luxor

100% 350 thread count cotton sateen.Hypo-allergenic European White Goose Down 700 fill-power.


 Size     Density    Weight         Price

 Std.      Soft         l2 ozs         $225

 Std.      Med.       16 ozs        $295

 Std.      Firm        20 ozs       $375

 Std.  XFirm         26 ozs        $465


Queen     Soft    14 ozs         $275

 Queen     Med.  19 ozs         $355

 Queen     Firm   23 ozs         $465

 Queen   XFirm  30 ozs         $495

 King         Soft   17 ozs         $315

 King        Med.   24 ozs        $395

 King        Firm    30 ozs        $465

 King      XFirm    36 ozs        $525

 Euro Sq.  Med.   30 ozs        $485

 Euro Sq.  Firm    36 ozs        $545

Beautiful young woman hugging pillow on bed

SnowgooseTM Opulence

100% 500 thread count German batiste. Hypo-allergenic European White Goose Down

800 fill-power.

Size     Density     Weight        Price

Std.          Soft      l2 ozs        $325

Std.          Med.    16 ozs       $375

Std.          Firm     20 ozs       $425

Std.        XFirm     26 ozs      $495

Queen.      Soft     14 ozs       $365

Queen      Med.     19 ozs       $435

Queen      Firm      23 ozs       $495

Queen    XFirm      30 ozs       $585

King          Soft       17 ozs       $415

King         Med.       24 ozs       $495

King         Firm       30 ozs       $590


King       XFirm       36 ozs      $685

Euro Sq.   Med.      30 ozs      $680

Euro Sq.   Firm       36 ozs      $745


lady hugging luxury goose down pillow.

SnowgooseTM Elite Down Pillow

White Goose Down 850+ Fill Power

German Batiste 350 threads


Std. 16 ozs       $395

Queen 19 ozs   $455

King 24 ozs      $545

2 plump luxury goose down pillows
Protect Your SnowgooseTM Down Pillows

Luxurious cotton sateen pillow protectors 360 thread count.
pillow protector with zipper

Standard $50 ea.   Queen $60 ea.


 King  $70 ea.    Eur. Sq.  $85 ea.

Is Your Time On Your Phone Causing Neck Pain?

SnowgooseTM can help. We make our pillows for how you sleep helping to keep your body aligned and avoid neck pain.

Free adjustment if too firm.

Woman Texting lying on down comforter
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