Feather & Feather Blend Pillows

Our value priced feather blend pillows come in medium (below), but are also available in firm or extra firm. Choose 50/50 f/d or 75/25 f/d.  Call for pricing on firm and extra firm in 50/50 and 75/25. Keep in mind we can make firm from our all down pillows, even extra firm. There is a significant difference in firm from all down and firm from feathers. Plus down lasts for life, feathers do not.


2 feather blend pillows

2 feather blend pillows

75% Feather 25% Down


                                                   100% cotton 330 thread count cotton. 


  Size                        Weight           Price

  Std.         20x26      27 ozs           $120

  Queen    20x30      32 ozs           $130


  King         20x36     35 ozs           $140

  Euro. Sq.  26x26    39 ozs           $160

50/50 WHITE down/feather blend.

                                          Medium 100% cotton 330 thread count.

                                                              Size                         Weight           Price

  Std.           20x26    24 ozs            $175

  Queen      20x30    28 ozs            $195

  King          20x36    36 ozs           $225


  Euro. Sq.  26x26    38 ozs           $265