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Put your precious downs in our expert hands to protect them with our all natural cleaning method (like in Europe),  which will not rob the down of its natural oils,  leaving it flat and clumpy.


The smart recycle thing to do is make use of your valuable downs by renovating them. So much better than buying new, which may be a lower quality.  Plus any sentimental attachment is preserved and you are assured many more years of beauty and comfort.


Better, high quality,  down bedding deserves proper care.  Protect your investment,  preserve any sentimental value,   and you will have your precious downs for decades.


See our recommendations for proper care below.

Pillow Renovation

(Cleaning Plus New Cover)

From This.....

To This.....

Pillows definitely need renovation every 3 - 5 years due to hair oil even when a protector is used. Add new filling to make up for normal loss and boost up the old down.


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Down Comforter Cleaning 

(No New Cover)

Twin. $135    Full/Queen    $150     King $175    Super King $195 

Comforter Renovation (Cleaning Plus New Cover)

Choose Your  Style.

Baffle Box Style

Baffle Channel Style

Sew Thru Box Stitch

Euro Pillow Style No Stitching

We recommend renovating comforters every 10+ years.  This keeps them refreshed and plump. This is an opportune time to change the style and/or the size, plus adding some new down to boost up the old,  upgrading your comforter to "like new" for many more years of enjoyment.

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Down Topper /Featherbed Renovation

(Cleaning Plus New Cover)

Baffle Down Topper or Featherbed 

Sew Thru Box Stitch

Down Topper

We recommend down toppers and featherbeds be

renovated every 5 - 7 years.   This keeps them

refreshed and plumped. It is a good idea to add new fill

when renovating to make up for any normal loss after

cleaning and to make "like new" again.

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