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Our Customers Say It Best.

BodyCloud Baffle Channel white goose down
white baffle box goose down comforter with luxury goose down pillows on a bed

Down Doctor Down Topper Renovation


I want to thank you for all of your help with renovating my down bed, I couldn’t be happier. Going from the 4 to 6” was was a wonderful improvement, I truly love my little nest and I 

sleep so comfy.  I also want to say that your customer service was 100%, something that is rare these days, I really appreciate that you kept me informed thru the complete process and your 

timeline was exactly as you said it would be,  if ever I need something more you’ll be my first call and I would certainly recommend you to any one considering  a down product of any type, you are the best.


   JoAnn B., Florida. 2014

Renovation Comforter, Pillows, Down/Featherbed

Dear Lisa, I wish you could see the look of containment on my face! I cannot tell you which was the best experience. Climbing into my new bed and being surrounded, enfolded, enveloped in a cloud. Or waking up so very refreshed and wanting nothing more than to stay in the bed all day. Everything you provided for me and suggested to me has made me very happy . Obviously a luxury that I have given to myself,  this is my reward and I love it. The bed looks like the beds I saw in small local hotels traveling in Austria and Southern Germany. Great big and puffy. It also reminds me of the high beds we experienced when we stayed in historic plantation houses in Louisiana and Mississippi.  And thank you for a very pleasant experience.

Nadine F., Great Neck, NY. 2017


More Testimonials

Comforter Renovation

Dear Ms. Stevens,

Just a short note to let you know how pleased I am with our renovated comforters. I have now lived with them for a few months, and enjoy the feel as well as the look. I would not have suspected that a comforter could truly make a difference in how one sleeps, but these really do!

Michael e., Texas 2024


Clean Comforter Add Down

Lisa, Thank you for communicating with me! I received the blanket back and it is wonderful! Thank you all for the great work

Esther S. Delaware  Feb. 2023


New BodyCloud 6", 4", Elite Comforter & Pillows


Hi Lisa! We are SO happy with the bodycloud. There’s really not enough words to say how amazing they are! Like I mentioned in my last email, it really feels too good to be true. We are sleeping so much better & look forward to climbing into bed at night. 

Deborah has a comforter that she’s content with right now but when she needs one, we’ll be sure to get it from you. I absolutely love my comforter. It really doesn’t feel like a complete nest. Grateful to know where to get all our bedding needs from now on. Your company is top notch!

All the best,
Shana, San Juan Capistrano, Ca. 2022


Comforter Renovation

 I want to leave a review of your fabulous work. LOVE MY COMFORTERS ❣️❣️❣️

The Down Store has restored a bit of my faith in commerce. Not only are they an American company, they are personable and quality oriented. Lisa, their frontline person, is friendly while professional. Thank you for such a wonderful experience. Best to you Lisa. It’s been a delight working with you. 

Wendy C., MCloud, California 2021


Comforter Renovation

I had an excellent experience with Lisa and the Down Store – service, price were great, but

what was really noticeable was the quality of the work.  Love my new/renovated comforter!


Thank you!

Ben L, Massachusetts 2020


Pillow Renovation


Hi Lisa,


Received the pillows! Didn’t have high hopes because of their condition, but am so pleased with the results! Am grateful that the down could be re-cycled and that your service both exists and adheres to such high quality standards. Thank you again!!!


Marie K, ID 2020


BodyCloud Down/Feather Bed 

Hi Lisa, 

We were out of town and so had not yet slept on our cloud when you first wrote.  Now we have had three nights  with it and are delighted!  It is exactly what we needed.  Already I have  noticed better quality of sleep and my hips do not achen.  I am so glad I found the Down Co and I am so pleased with the personal attention we have received.  I am already recommending you to our friends.


Nancy F, River Falls, WI. 2019

BodyCloud Down Bed Topper

Do I deserve this much perfection and luxury? I sure do! I opened up the first box and thought I would die. Then 
I opened a cover from the cover box and thought I'd gone to heaven! Then I covered the mattress, dressed the bed and tried it out. Oh my! Oh my! Now I'm getting ready to prepare the second one. I sure do deserve this! Thank you so much and thanks to all the folks who helped out. It'such a joy and a half and I will treasure it all for my entire life.

Joan W., New York City 

Grandmother's Heirloom Comforter Renovation

It is a wonderful to have this family heirloom and remembrance of her restored. Thank you and I am so happy to be getting it back.

Best Regards,

Siobhan M., Maine. 2018

Comforter Renovation

My comforter arrived and it looks beautiful!.

Jean S., Virginia

Comforter Renovation

Received the comforter and Wow! We love it. It's a brand spakin' new comforter. I had to put it on the bed last night even though it's not that cold and we slept so well. I guess that's why they call it a comforter. 

Kay B.,  New Jersey 2018


Comforter Renovation


I’m loving my new comforter! It just feels so good! I had been looking to get a comforter that was like the wonderful duvets that I had slept in in Switzerland in January and this totally is exactly what I was looking for, except that it is better because you reused the feathers from my old comforter! I’m so happy about that!  This was the best purchase!

Thank you! 

Jennifer K., Salt Lake City 2024 



Comforter Renovation

Hello Lisa, Although, I received our refurbished down comforter a few days ago, it has taken me this long to open the box. I want to thank you and your staff for making a new and wonderful comforter. I like the idea of reusing the remaining down, instead of tossing them, and adding new down to build a better functioning comforter. The size and quality fabric make for a plump, luxurious comforter. I will definitely use your company when the comforter needs cleaning. I will also recommend your company to friends.

Debi, Colorado, May 2024

Comforter Renovation

If I have the opportunity, I will highly recommend your company for your help, patience and the result; your advice was a valuable resource. It wasn’t an inexpensive process, but it was worth it.

Denise C. Illinois.  2022


Comforter Renovation

Hi Lisa, I cannot thank you and the people who refurbished my comforter. It is lovely and still oh so light, like a cloud I cuddle into for a deep nights sleep. Please give my highest regards to the people for their exceptional craftsmanship. Cheers! Kathleen   Nov 2022



New 6" BodyCloud Down Topper & Renovation of Down Topper


Yes I did receive and its fabulous and the renovated one, it’s amazing.   Thank you .

Tracey B., Texas 2018


Receiving the package from UPS was like welcoming home
old friends. We could not wait to go to bed.  It was the best sleep we've had in three weeks. You have done a superb job at refurbishing  our comforters and pillows. Thank you for the fast service since our daughters will be here tomorrow. It has been a pleasure doing business with “all of you”.

Regards, Janet 2016

Down Doctor Services

Dear Lisa,
The down comforter arrived safely, yesterday.  It looks and feels lovely! The quality of the materials and workmanship seem quite superior.  I'm sure my daughter will enjoy it for many years to come.   I have really appreciated all your help and consideration throughout this process.   Thank you.

Barbara R. 2017

Down Doctor Services

Hi Lisa,


I can honestly say that my new and improved comforter is wonderful! The bad news is who wants

to get up and leave it in the morning.. Wishing you a great season as you help people stay warm and cozy, your suggestion was great.

Comforter Renovation

Dear Lisa,


We are really pleased with the new comforter and duvet cover. Both are beautifully made, and the fabrics are lovely. The comforter is wonderfully cozy and light. Though it hasn't yet gotten down to (or below) freezing yet, we're sure that it will keep us warm and comfortable through the winter.


Thanks for all your help.


My best,

Jean B.,  California 2017

Snowgoose Pillow

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for following up. I am enjoying my Snowgoose Opulence pillow immensely. After becoming used to an old pillow, one forgets how great a new one feels. I appreciate the more comfortable and better sleep. The loft in this pillow is a nice thing to behold. Thank you very much Down Store, and thank you Lisa. Keep doing what you're doing.

Best regards,

Frank K., California. 2019

New "Puff" Bag Style Comforter

Beyond Words. You made it all possible. Thank you so much for your help in making all this happen so perfectly

My best
Cindy, California. 2019

Comforter Renovation

I had an excellent experience with Lisa and the Down Store – service, price were great, but

what was really noticeable was the quality of the work.  Love my new/renovated comforter!


Thank you!

Ben L. Weston, Mass. 2018

Comforter Renovation

Hi, Our duvets arrived two days ago. They are fabulous, really nice quality and very comfy. Thank you for all you have done to make this happen. The best to you, Ruby B., Wash. State

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