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lady hugging Eiderdown comforter

Exquisite Eiderdown Comforters, Like No Other Down In The World.

Enter a world of super luxury with our exquisite Eiderdown Comforters. Connoisseurs of comfort know there is nothing in the world quite like Eiderdown. It is the king of all downs. This very rare down is hand harvested from the empty nests of the eider duck. It is incredibly soft and due to its powerful thermal properties, very little is required to keep you toasty warm in winter and cool and comfortable in summer. This very rare, exquisite super luxury down is the ultimate heirloom that will last a lifetime while delivering sublime comfort. Custom sizes available in sew thru channel style only.

Read about the history of Eiderdown.

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Baffle Box Cotton Sateen 400 threads.

baffle box Eiderdown comforter white

Eiderdown Comforter Year Round for bedrooms 60 - 64 degrees.


Size                 Weight             Price


70x70             24 ozs.             $7950


90x96             32 ozs              $9995​


108x96           40 ozs           $12,355


118x114.        50 ozs.           $15,575

Baffle  Box  Cotton Sateen 400 threads.

white baffle box stitch Eiderdown comforter

Eiderdown Comforter Extra Warm and Puffy For bedrooms 60 degrees or less.

Size                  Weight           Price


70x70.             30 ozs           $9576 


90x96              40 ozs         $12,250


108x96           50 ozs        $14,995


118x114         60 ozs.       $17,995

EidraTM The Affordable Eiderdown Comforter Blend 1/2 Eiderdown 1/2 White Goose Down.

white baffle box stitch Eiderdown/white goose down comforter

Size               Weight                  Price

F/Queen                                $6900

90x96        20 ozs Eider

                  20 ozs wgd



108x96       24 ozs Eider       $8550

                   24 ozs wgd      


118x114      30 ozs Eider    $10,500

                   30 ozs wgd


Eiderdown Pillows

Pure Eiderdown is the king of all downs. Hand harvested from the empty nests of the Eider duck, it is a very rare down. The incomparable softness of this down feels absolutely incredible in a pillow and the core of luxury 800+ fill power White Goose Down gives it support. The incomparable silky softness of the high thread count ticking woven specifically for Eiderdown, makes it the ultimate in pillow luxury. The Eiderdown core pillow comes with a 30 day Comfort Guarantee.


100% cotton sateen 400 threads.  Inner core of Canadian White Goose Down,

surrounded by pure Eiderdown. Medium density. Soft and firm also available.

Size                       Price

Std.        20x26     $2995

Queen   20x30     $3375

King       20x36    $4500

Euro Sq  26x26    $4595




Protect Your Eiderdown Pillows with Luxurious Cotton sateen 500 threadcount.

Std. 20x26     $95     Queen 20x30      $105     King 20x36      $115

Eiderdown Care

See Our Snowgoose Lightweight Goose Down Comforters

Eiderdown pillows
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