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Lady sleeping on fluffy clouds

Connoisseur's Choice BodyCloudTM  Down Toppers,
The Absolute Best Mattress Topper.
Elevate Your Sleep.
Imagine Sinking Into A Cloud of Down.


Your bed should never be too firm or uncomfortable. If you don't absolutely love your bed .... leave it to BodyCloudTM, the ultimate mattress topper. Your body has feelings too ...tactile feelings, that need true comfort at night to prevent the unpleasant wake up feeling of "pressure points" that wreak havoc on the sleeper, leaving one exhausted and in pain the next day. Sink into a world of unsurpassed luxury with our sumptuous all down BodyCloudTM the king of all "featherbeds" and the body's natural repair kit. With this volume of lofty down you really will rise above it all in luxurious comfort. Imagine this soft cushion of pure luxury, ensuring unimagined comfort. Choose from 2 White European goose down fillings for maximum loft and cushioning, (thereby more to sink into), in this exquisite down bed. Going to bed never felt so good. The 4" baffle or the deeper 6" baffle require a generous amount of white goose down, which is the reason the BodyCloudTM is so cushioning delivering incomparable comfort. Most down toppers have a 2" baffle.  We offer 4", 6" or whatever you would like.  A small baffle means less filling. We feel a topper should have a generous amount of filling to provide real cushioning for more comfort.


Channel Baffle Style Down Bed Topper

BodyCloud  Royale down topper baffle channel style

Royale BodyCloudTM 

Down Topper 


This luxury topper will deliver that extra touch of softness to your mattress. 
. Baffle channel style with 11" channels and 2" baffle. 100% cotton  350 thread count.  White Goose Down 650 fill-power. Soft.  Medium fill available.


Size                   Weight           Price 


39x75                6 lbs            $2195



54x75               7.5 lbs          $2495


60x80               9 lbs            $2795


78x80               12.5 lbs       $3595


72x84               12.5 lbs       $3495

BodyCloud Quintessential 4" baffle channel style extra plump

Quintessential BodyCloud TM 

Down Topper

Sink into a new level of luxury with this exquisite,  lofty,  BodyCloudTM down bed which will deliver more luxury than you can imagine.  European white goose down 800 fill-power. 100% cotton 350 thread count baffle channel design with 12" channels and 4" baffle, generously filled. Soft. Medium fill also available.

Size                Weight              Price 


39x75              12 lbs              $3295


54x75              15 lbs              $3795



60x80              18 lbs              $4495


78x80              25 lbs              $5995



72x84             25 lbs               $5995

BodyCloud Majestic 6" baffle super plump channel style

Connoisseur's Choice BodyCloudTM Majestic

Down Topper

The BodyCloudTM Majestic  with a

6" baffle and 50% more 800 fill power white goose down is almost like a down mattress. With  so much more soft fill and so much exquisite luxury  to sink into, it might be difficult to get out of bed. Don't worry about it being too high, it will settle for the best night's sleep ever. Medium fill available.


Size              Weight              Price 


39x75             18 lbs              $4995



54x75              23 lbs             $5795


60x80              27 lbs             $6995


78x80              38 lbs             $8895


72x84              38 lbs             $8990

Sew Thru Channel Down Toppers

350 thread count cotton

800 fill power white goose down

Twin 9 lbs.      $2400

Full 12 lbs.      $3100

Queen 15 lbs.   $3800

King 20 lbs.     $4995

European Pillow Style Down Bed
This billowy style has more fill for a truly luxurious experience.

All down mattress topper pillow style (no stitching)

Size                  Weight           Price 


39x75                13 lbs            $3495


54x75                17 lbs            $3995


60x80               21 lbs             $4695


78x80               29lbs              $5995


72x84               29lbs              $5995

Call 800 872 3696 for Custom Size Quote.

Protect Your Investment With A
Deluxe Down Topper Cover.

Accommodates the lofty down bed with
100% cotton sateen 400 threads.

Twin  $395     Full    $455     Queen     $495     King   $555     Cal.King   $595

320 threads count protectors

Limited Edition

Baffle Box Down Topper Queen Size Only.

100% cotton, 4" baffle,

12 lbs. white goose down 700 fill power


Complete your luxury "nest" with a luxury down comforter and pillows.

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