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Our Story

Over 44 years ago we discovered (on a trip to Europe), a wonderful way of sleeping, with a down comforter inside a duvet cover (most efficient, no bed-making). We thought the hotel had forgotten to make the bed, but this puffy, sumptuously, soft comforter was folded down at the end of the bed. That night was transformative in the sublime luxury we encountered. It was hard to get up the next morning. Upon returning to New York we could not find anything like it, and so The Down Store was born. Our goal was to offer the high quality Europeans were accustomed to buying with the idea you buy quality once and with proper care you will have it for life. To that end we felt it was important to specialize in our Down DoctorTM Services of cleaning and renovation. It was also the time of the energy crisis, so we thought home owners would appreciate the savings that are possible when you turn down the thermostat (plus it is a healthier way to sleep). We are very custom and can make any size comforter, featherbed or down bed topper. Our Signature Brands are SnowgooseTM and BodyCloudTM (the ultimate mattress topper). After being on Madison Ave., in New York City for 35 years we have had some interesting clients. (It makes for a fun read).


Our Mission

Our goal is to Improve the World one bed at a time, starting with yours. We have always offered our customers products and services, that deliver a lifetime of beauty and comfort, an incomparable sleep experience using the highest quality materials, workmanship and expert services. You can certainly buy a cheaper comforter elsewhere, but you will end up replacing it every few years (or less), it may not be warm enough in winter and cool enough in summer. We offer top drawer quality so you can enjoy exceptional beauty and comfort year round for the rest of your life. Leave the ordinary behind and step into a world of sublime luxury. It is well worth it. It is like being on vacation every night. We are also about healthy natural products to promote more healthy rejuvenating sleep. Our SnowgooseTM line is hypo-allergenic. All our down adheres to RDS Certification (Responsible Down Standard).

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