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Luxury Body Pillows

Snuggle up to the most luxurious body pillow imaginable in the softest all down or a down/feather blend for the  most comfortable night's sleep. It feels so good.

Beautiful girl sleeping with body pillow
lady sleeping hugging a column style white goose down body pillow

Body Hugger Column Pillow

Sometimes it is just nice to hug onto a dreamy down pillow and our long Body Hugger gives you more of this wonderful experience. Body Hugger column shape Size 20x54.


         Fill                       Price

  white goose down      $850

  700 f.p

  white goose down 

  550 f.p.                        $595


  down/feather              $455


  feather/down              $225

Column and L-shape white goose downn body pillows

L Shape Body Pillow

     Size 54x28x16





              Fill                      Price

     white goose down.      $955

     700 f.p.

     white goose down      

     550 f.p.                         $695


     down/feather               $575


     feather/down               $335

Don't forget a protector 
Column $150  L shaped $175

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