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Down Or Down/Feather Neckrolls & Bolsters

white goose down neck roll

Neckrolls 6x14

Perfect to nestle under your sore neck, or just tossed on the bed as a decorative accent.


     White Goose Down 

     Soft       6 ozs               $255

     Med.    10 ozs              $295

     Firm     12 ozs              $355

     White Down 

     Soft      6 ozs                $195

     Med.   10 ozs               $255

     Firm    12 ozs               $295

Neckroll covers 350 thread count cotton sateen white $150 

Bolster Covers 300 thread count cotton Twin $145, Queen $175, King $195 

white goose down bed bolsters


Our bolsters are available in the same filling as our neckrolls and made in an 8" diameter in sizes to fit all beds. They can be used under bed pillows, or as a decorative accent at the top or bottom of your bed. Custom size bolsters available. Call for Prices.

     White Down Soft

                 8x23                      $325

     Twin    8x40                     $425

     Full      8x54                     $525

     Queen 8x60                     $555

     King     8x78                    $595

     50/50 down/feather medium 

                 8x23                      $275

     Twin.   8x40                     $355

      Full     8x54                     $395

     Queen 8x60                     $475

      King    8x78                    $555


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