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  • Kate Breyer

The Best Style For A Featherbed Or Down Bed Topper

Updated: Apr 30

Finally you are treating yourself to some serious luxury and comfort for your bed. In these challenging times, spending so much time at home, we need to take care of ourselves. What better way than creating an oasis of sheer comfort and luxury for your bed. You may also need a new mattress, but the addition of a featherbed or down topper can defer this purchase for a while.

You have settled on a featherbed or a down bed (down topper ), but you are not sure which is better, more comfortable, more luxurious and of course which style. It is important to remember that there is a huge difference in a featherbed and a down topper. Both may weigh the same but the down is the light fluffy cluster that lofts up to make a puffy topper, soft and delicious to sink into. The feather is flat with quills so delivers a less lofty and firmer experience. Down is more costly than feathers but it  will last for decades.

Regardless of which one you choose the style is important. A hundred years ago it was just a bag, no stitching. Also back then likely all feathers or a blend of feather and down.

This style requires much more fill to eliminate unwanted shifting. If under filled you would find yourself sleeping on fabric as the filling would have shifted to the sides. If filled adequately this super pillow topper will be very puffy and feel wonderful.

The baffle box means there is a wall of fabric between the top layer and the bottom fabric layer. This allows for the filling (especially down) to loft up. Sew thru featherbeds and down toppers are available, but sewn thru basically means you do not need nearly as much filling. It is also important to remember the more filling you have, the more cushioning the featherbed or down topper will deliver and thereby more comfort and super luxury. The baffle box has an opening in each box so over time the filling can migrate, however this does take some time. You cannot massage the filling back to its individual box once it has moved out. After a few years the filling will end up at the sides, top and bottom. Renovation can resolve this issue by renovating into our unique wide baffle channel.

The most efficient style is the baffle channel. There is enough stitching to limit movement and the channels are wide so with the baffle you can have plenty of filling. The filling can only move in 2 directions up and down and for this reason it is easy to re-position the fill when fluffing up. When you change the bedding just shake from the bottom 2 corners, then take the heel of your hand and move the fill up the channels. Rotate foot to top and shake those 2 corners and use the heel of your hand to reposition the fill. Voila, like new.

Another tip for using your featherbed or down bed is instead of putting it under your fitted sheet which gives a neat look, a better experience is to put it in its cover on top of your fitted sheet in another fitted or flat sheet. It may not be as neat, but the level of luxury and comfort is incomparable.

For care of your featherbed or down bed it is recommended renovation (clean the filling and new cover) every 7 to 10 years. In between try and get it outside on a table on a warm, dry sunny day. If this is not possible open all the windows on a warm, sunny, breezy day.


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