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  • Kate Breyer

Protect Against Soaring Energy Bills With A High Quality Goose Down Comforter.

For months we have been reading about and experiencing the rising price of oil. Now winter is almost here I am sure you are all looking for ways to mitigate the cost of keeping warm this winter.

Of course checking the insulation in your home, those drafty windows, checking the furnace are very good ideas. Equally important is how far down can you lower the thermostat?

During the day you could dress a little warmer, add a sweater to that t-shirt. But at night there is no need to have your heat pumping more than it should. Yes you can add more blankets, but do you really want to feel that weighted down and will it still be warm enough, especially if you like to sleep with the windows open? Yes even in winter it is healthier to sleep with windows open even a little.

Many people are still not aware of the unique thermal properties of down, and especially the very high qualities. White goose down and especially the very rare Eiderdown, truly are amazing when it comes to total warmth without weight. Down is very different from feathers. Feathers have the hard quill and are flat and do not have the thermal properties that down has. Feathers do not loft up to trap body heat.

The unique thermal properties are amplified in Eiderdown or a very high lofting European white goose down. The higher the fill power (how lofty the down cluster is) the more body heat it traps. The fact a high quality down comforter is so light allows it to contour to your body so no heat escapes, unlike with blankets or poly comforters which form a tent over you allowing heat to escape. In addition the higher quality down comforters do not need as much fill to keep you toasty warm compared to lower qualities, so they are extra light. This also allows them to be used year round.

Since 1973 The Down Store has specialized in top of the line down bedding and the expertise in cleaning and renovation to ensure you have your precious downs for life. We believe buy quality once, take good care of it (see our recommendations) and you will have it for decades. You can see our full line of comforters here. We are also very custom and will make any size in our baffled box or "puff" pillow styles.

When choosing a down comforter keep in mind how low you would like to turn down the thermostat, are you a warm or cool sleeper, do you like the windows open. For the coolest of bedrooms we recommend The Elite or the Opulence. The Elite is super lightweight with the highest fill power European white goose down. The Luxor would only be for winter if your thermostat was turned high.

If you have put away your down comforter or possibly inherited one, send it in for our expertise in cleaning and protecting your down and renovate into a new cover that will last for many years and experience the luxury of sleeping under down while turning down your thermostat and saving on this winter's higher bills.

Any questions please email or call 800 872 3696.

To order your protection against high energy bills email or call.


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