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  • Kate Breyer

A Luxury Goose Down Comforter Vs Alternative Down

There are lots of choices for down comforters, luxury down comforters and even more alternative down comforters. It can be confusing and there is certainly a difference in the pricing and for good reason.

You may be wondering, is it worth the splurge to get a luxury down comforter.

After reading this post I think you will find the answer to justify the splurge or should I say investment in your comfort and maybe better sleep for years to come.

We have certainly seen the affects of climate change on our winters. They are more severe, more storms, and that means higher energy costs. In addition our present global situation has caused energy costs to soar. This is where a luxury down comforter shines.

Nature is the best insulator with the unique properties of goose down trapping your body heat to keep you warm. Goose down is naturally moisture wicking and breathable so it actually can keep you toasty warm in winter and cool in summer.

How you sleep, a cool bedroom or a warm bedroom, will determine the fill power of the down (how lofty the down cluster is) and the weight needed to provide the ideal comfort range.

Equally important to energy savings is how comfy and cozy a luxury down comforter will be and even better with proper care will last for decades. This is not the case with polyester.

Geese are never raised for their down. Down has always been the bi-product of the meat industry. That is why most downs are from countries that eat a lot of goose or duck. Most processors of down are certified in Responsible Down Sourcing so you know it is ethically sourced.

Down has a fraction of environmental impact compared with polyester as polyester is from petroleum (fossil fuels) and it uses lots of energy in the manufacturing process.

We have a selection of luxury comforters and we also make custom sizes for RV's, tv throws, travel and for kids. In addition we offer the expertise of 50 years of cleaning and renovation so you will have your precious downs for decades.


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