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  • Kate Breyer

Climate Change May Mean Harsher Winters.

We read a lot about climate change and we have experienced some serious winters recently. So no one wants to think about being cold in bed. You do have options to ensure you are never cold in bed. There is wool, polyester, cotton, a combination, or down. Many years ago (100+) Scandinavian and some European countries gave fabric and a bag of down/feathers as the traditional bridal gift. Clearly there was no central heating going on back then so this was a very thoughtful and practical gift. Today we may have central heating, but it is getting very expensive so any way we can save is a bonus. On top of that we know it is healthier to sleep in a cool bedroom and with the windows open a little.

It is a well known fact that down, whether it is goose, duck or the rare Eiderdown, is nature's ultimate insulator. The unique thermal properties allow the down clusters to fluff up and trap your body heat keeping you toasty warm without weight as with blankets. No other bed covering can do this. It is best to choose a high quality down comforter for many reasons. Eiderdown is truly the king of all downs, ultra soft and light with the most powerful thermal properties. It does not take much to keep you toasty warm. However it is pricey as there is a limited amount available in the world compared to goose or duck down. For most of us a high quality goose down is a good investment. It will last for decades with proper care and become an heirloom. High quality means the outer shell must be a high thread count cotton, preferably from Europe where it is woven in a special way and calendered (compression of the fabric to make it down proof). The down quality is about fill power (how fat the down cluster is to trap maximum air) as well the down cluster count. In processing down the finest will be 90% down cluster and 10% fly (pieces of the cluster) and the tiniest of feathers that could not possibly be separated in the processing.

An important factor in choosing a down comforter is how you sleep. Whether the bedroom has a lot of heat or little to none. In addition some people are warm or cool sleepers. Usually a warm sleeper, or a warm bedroom can go with a lighter down comforter whereas a cool sleeper or a cool bedroom (windows open) will need a regular weight or extra warm down comforter.

Choosing a high quality down comforter means you will have it for decades with proper care. This means cleaning every 5 years and renovating (clean and recover) every 10 or more years. The fact you buy quality the first time means you will not be replacing due to leakage or just not being warm enough. You can rest assured our down is responsibly sourced with the RDS certification, a world wide standard for sustainability. Our comforters use the finest materials to deliver exceptional luxury and comfort and better sleep. Our pillows are made for how you sleep and come with a free comfort adjustment.

For even more luxury and coziness in bed add a featherbed or down topper. Sink into a cloud of all down with BodyCloud the ultimate mattress topper and your oasis of warmth and comfort. Guaranteed you will never be cold in bed again.

You can read what just some of our happy clients have said about our products here.

So wrap yourself up in luxurious comfort with a high quality down comforter, and protect yourself from the cold winters that are likely to be part of our future. You never have to be cold in bed again providing you start with quality, which you will have for a lifetime of cozy, luxurious comfort.


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