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  • Kate Breyer

Spring Renewal

Updated: Apr 26

There are so many reasons to welcome spring. There are the bright colors of emerging crocuses, daffodils and tulips. There is more sunshine to turn the grass green and finally saying goodbye to the cold, the grey skies and snow. It is a great feeling to throw open the windows and do some spring cleaning. So why not start with the bedroom. If your favorite down comforter, down pillows and featherbed are in need of cleaning or renovation, now is a good time as you can do without them for a while since winter is over. Proper care will ensure your precious downs will give you many years of luxury and comfort. If your downs are only a couple of years old, (and in between regular cleaning), do air them out. If you have a clothes line that is good for the comforters and pillows. You may need a patio table or a few chairs for the featherbed or down bed. Do this on a dry sunny warm day. You will be using nature’s way to refresh the downs. If you do not have access to an outdoor line I would suggest hanging the featherbed or down bed over chairs near an open window. For the comforter and pillows I would put in a dryer set on low for 15 minutes.

Now it is time to brighten up your bedroom for a whole new look with a duvet cover and sheet set. The beauty of the down comforter and the duvet cover is you can change the look of your bedroom to suit your mood or the season.


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