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  • Kate Breyer

Renovate Your Favorite Down Comforters, Pillows, Toppers. Such A Good Idea.

Updated: Apr 26

There is so much waste in the world. Food, fashion, electronics and yes down bedding. It always feels good to recycle and we already do it with our garbage. Separating our paper, plastic and glass. So why not recycle your down comforters, pillows and toppers instead of buying new, that often are not the quality of our renovations. For many a renovation will mean a substantial upgrade since the fabric will have a much higher thread count and as additional down is usually added the down items are usually better than when they were new.

We have specialized in the care of down bedding for 50 years. Our expertise guarantees you will enjoy your precious downs for many, many years. Our European all natural method of cleaning will protect your downs (unlike washing and dry-cleaning which will rob the down of its natural oils), and our high thread count, leak proof tickings will keep your precious down from leaking out.

We offer 3 styles for comforters, baffle box, baffle channel and European pillow style. In down toppers we offer the very efficient wide baffle channel with 4″, 6″ (or more) baffles. For those special size beds or campers we offer custom sizing.

To order our Down Doctor Services call 800 USA DOWN or 212 840 2550


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