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, Pillows, Down Beds, Featherbeds, Duvet Covers. To Order Call:


or 212 840 2550 for answers to all your questions.


Down Doctor Services

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Customer Testimonial.

I loooove my comforter. It's
better than it was when I first got it! Thank you so much for your help. Have a great day!

Madeline G, California

To Order Down Doctor
Services Please Call
800 USA DOWN or
212 840 2550

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Cyber Week Deals thru December 5th.

Save up to 50% & Free Shipping

Snowgoose Pillows Save 25%

Snowgoose Comforters Save 30%

BodyCloud Featherbeds & Down Toppers Save 20%
Eiderdown Save 20%
Solid Duvet Cover Sets Save 50%

Reserve Your Lifetime of Comfort And Better Sleep Today.
To Order Call 800 USA DOWN or 212 840 2550

Better Together!

SnowgooseTM Down Comforter & Pillows, BodyCloudTM Featherbed.

For Unparalleled luxurious comfort. Cold Nights Mean Snuggling Under a Fluffy Snowgoose TM Down Comforter, and sinking into a BodyCloud TMTopper. A night of pure coziness.

Save 40% when you buy a SnowgooseTM comforter & pillows, plus BodyCloudTM featherbed or down topper.

Get the rejuvenating sleep you need to make the most of every day. Snowgoose TM, the right comforter for year round use and a SnowgooseTM pillow made for the way you sleep will go a long way to help you get a perfect night's sleep. Add a BodyCloud TM featherbed or down topper and you might not want to get out of bed! For more helpful tips for a good night's sleep, read some of our articles on sleep.

Reserve Your Lifetime of Comfort And Better Sleep Today.
To Order Call 800 USA DOWN or 212 840 2550

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If additional fill is needed

Save 50% on our best down.


Down Doctor Services To The Rescue!


Put your favorite downs in our expert hands to clean, recondition, re-fluff, returned to you "like new". We can combine several down items into one. Now is an opportune time for a comforter or featherbed to upgrade to a larger size or add extra filling if yours has shifted. To order the service call 800 USA DOWN or 212 840 2550 or you can email what you have and what you would like done to Hurry before the rush when everyone sends in their precious downs for cleaning/renovation.

Go Green.

It Makes Sense To Recycle.

Get ready for holiday guests. There is still time if we receive your downs by December 7th.

BodyCloud, Redefining Luxury,
Incomparable Comfort and Better Sleep.

This Is How You Will Feel After One Night with A BodyCloud TM Down Topper.

To order call 800 USA DOWN or

for questions 212 840 2550

More Choices, More Savings.


Imagine Sinking Into This Cloud of Down Every Night.

If your new mattress does not address your pressure points and pains, and you are tossing and turning every night, it is time for a BodyCloud Down Bed, the Quintessential mattress topper. Incomparable luxury and softness to make your new mattress more friendly and give you better sleep.

Custom sizes available. Call for pricing.


For a firmer BodyCloud TM see our down/featherbed deluxe.

Better Sleep With Snowgoose TM Personal Pillow For The Way You Sleep.

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We guarantee your pillow will be perfect for the way you sleep with our Comfort Guarantee on Snowgoose Pillows. Free removal of filling if too full within 30 days. Snowgoose will not let you down.

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Bedroom Makeover

Save up to 25%

white duvet cover edged with red border, shams and pillow cases to match, cotton sateen from ItalyGive your bedroom a whole new look with luxury linens from Italy. Soft and luxurious.

solid 400 thread count duvet cover sets

Duvet cover sets include 2 pillowcases. 400 thread count cotton sateen.


Blow Out Price On Discontinued Latex/Wool Fleece Topper. King Reg. $895 Clearance $325 plus Shipping.

king memory foam topper with fleece

Reserve Your Lifetime of Comfort Today.

To Order Call 800 USA DOWN or 212 840 2550

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Sleep Like You Are On Vacation Every Night.

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Lots of Interesting Tips For The Sleep Deprived.