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Is It Really Spring, Finally?

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Springtime Bedroom Make-Over

Give your bedroom more than a lift. Give it a whole new look starting with a puffy down comforter, lofty down pillows and a luxurious duvet cover to express your personal style.

Save 25% This Week.

New Duvet Covers From Italy.



floral on whitebackground duvet cover, lilac shams on down comforter and goose down pillows

white shams edged inn purple band on goose down pillows, matching sheets.


pink floral on pale grey background duvet cover on down comforter, matching and co-ordinating shams on goose down pillows


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crocuses couple smiling under down comforter

Our Gift To You Save 25% Snowgoose Down Comforters and Pillows.

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Sink Into The Sublime Luxury of A BodyCloud Down Bed, The Ultimate Topper Solution To A Firm Mattress.
lady lying across a BodyCloud down bed

BodyCloud down beds and featherbeds 15% off. Experience exquisite luxury in the ultimate mattress topper. Get the best night's sleep ever.

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down comforter and down pillow on windowsill  open windows

family hugging goose down pillows

Recycle Your Down Bedding With
A Complete Renovation.
Just In Time For The Holidays.
Guaranteed To Return Within 10 Days.

Comforter, Pillows, Featherbed Over 5 Years Old?

It is time to clean, re-fluff, refresh or restore. Now is an opportune
time to change the size, upgrade the casing & filling, add new filling. Our expertise in the care of your favorite downs ensure a lifetime of luxurious comfort every night.
April 7 is International Pillow Fight Day. If after the fun yours is leaking, take advantage of our sale this week to clean/renovate your pillow.

Down Doctor Services
Call 212 840 2550
Save 15%
Buy a new Snowgoose Comforter and
get your old downs renovated 1/2 price.

To Order Call 800 USA DOWN or 212 840 2550
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