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Celebrity Clients 

We thought you might enjoy a fun read of some well known customers who also purchased one of our Signature Line SnowgooseTM  and BodyCloudTM  products.

President Reagan (he sent us two letters of thanks), President Ford,

Premier Gorbachev of Russia (no letter, no surprise),

John Lennon (what a gentleman, what a loss), his true love...Yo Ko Ono, Vera Wang, Robert DeNiro (what a nice guy), Steven Spielberg - Possibly the World's Greatest Director - seemed shy and soft spoken, Harrison Ford ( had a pain in the neck after a leading role in
the Indiana Jones movie...was a bit cranky but polite), Leonard Riggio (founder of Barnes & Noble),

Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones,

Patty Hansen (his beautiful wife and a down-to-earth, friendly lady),

Barbara Walters, Andy Rooney,

Dan Ackroyd, Glenn Close, Whitney Houston,

Michael Douglas, Catherine-Zeta-Jones, Linda Ronstadt,

James Belushi, Paula Zahn, Gay Talese, Dr. Benjamin Spock- World Famous
Baby Doctor (he coined the phrase "open bed concept" after ordering our Snowgoose comforter)

Peter Benchley of the novel "Jaws" fame, Billy Joel, Kurt Vonegut,

Cindy Lauper, Ed Bradley, Joan Rivers, Gregory Peck,

E.G. Marshall, Eli Wallach, Elle McPherson, Carolyn Herrera,

Lee Friedlander-World Class Photographer, Meryl Streep, Susan Lucci, Fay Wray
( King Kong).

Kirstie Alley, Bobby Brown, Jim Lehrer, Rich Little, Dr. Joyce Brothers,

George Stephanopoulos (of ABC NEWS when he was at Columbia University... possibly teaching)

Joey Reynolds of The Joey Reynolds show,

Arthur Godfrey, Carol Lawrence, Richard Prior, The Lennon Sisters, Willem DaFoe,

Bill Paley (founder of CBS), Rick Parsons (AOL/TIME WARNER), David Lerner of David Lerner and Associates- wise investments with municipal bonds.

Premier of New Brunswick 1987 Richard Hatfield, The wonderful and talented
Billy Joel. Lisa DeKooning, Sigourney Weaver, Gene Simmons of The Rock Group Kiss, Kristie Brinkley,
Trish Goff a  supermodel and nice polite young lady.

Eliott Gould, Lorne Michaels of SNL, Kevin Bacon, Dorothea Tanning, Max Ernst



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