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  • Kate Breyer

Luxury Down Topper or Down Featherbed

When you buy a new mattress it feels great in the store, but after you get it home, a few nights later, you find it is really too firm and uncomfortable.  A down bed can really alleviate the discomfort without diminishing any support. For the ultimate in luxury, choose an all down bed with a high lofting white goose down filling stitched in a baffle channel design with at least a 4″ gusset.  This will provide a soft cushioning and make your mattress more friendly.  For a firmer mattress topper choose a featherbed with

a blend of 50/50 down and feather and a 4″ gusset.   The down bed will be softer and puffier, the featherbed will still be cushioning but a little firmer.  The down bed or featherbed can be used year round as the down will wick away moisture keeping you comfortable.  If you are not ready to buy a new mattress a down bed or featherbed can improve the one you have delivering a better sleep experience. You can get the down bed or featherbed in a 4″ or 6" baffle (the most popular), but larger baffles are available. The higher the depth, the more cushiony and luxurious it will be.  We recommend the use of a featherbed cover to prevent unnecessary cleaning. With proper care (cleaning and recovering every 7 – 10 years), you will enjoy a down bed or featherbed for many years.

For a lighter down topper choose the sew thru box stitch (about 2" thick). Of course there is a big difference in the comfort level as the sew thru has 20% of the fill of a baffled down bed.


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