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  • Kate Breyer

Care For Down Bedding

Updated: May 21

To protect your precious downs, refresh & re-fluff and ensure enjoyment for many years,  we recommend the following:

Pillows: Renovation (clean & new cover) for pillows every 3 - 5 years due to hair oil as this can make the casing less leak proof.

Comforters:  Cleaned every 5 years and renovated after 10 years.

Toppers & Down/Featherbeds: Renovated every 7 years.

In between times you can put a pillow or comforter occasionally in a dryer for 15 mins on low or fluff cycle. Down toppers or down/featherbeds can be placed near an open window over a chair or if you have a table, outside on a dry, sunny warm day.

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