girl under down comforter with down pill

Kids, Travel, TV Throw Down Comforters

sew thru box stitch down comforter

Kids/Travel/TV Down Comforter 

Sew Thru box Style
100% cotton 320 thread count. 
white goose down 600 f.p. 


      Size          Weight            Price

     54x75 .        24 ozs          $295

    40x60          16 ozs           $195

   Custom sizes available

Kids/Travel Duvet Covers
100% cotton 270 threads. 
white with buttons.

        Size                          Price

      54x75                        $150

      40x60                       $125



baffle box white goose down comforter

SnowgooseTM   Down Comforter Kids/Travel/TV Baffle Box
350 threads cotton sateen,
white goose down 700 fp.


     Size           Weight       Price

     54x75 .      32 ozs        $450

     40x60       24 ozs        $395


Custom sizes available.

Duvet Covers Cotton Sateen 400 threads white, ivory, sky, taupe, pink, sage, red, brown


          Size                         Price   

        54x75                       $255   

        40x60                      $225

Down Blanket

 Summer Down Comforter Perfect for bedrooms that are 65 degrees or higher. This light down blanket is 100% cotton 230 threadcount, 5" box squares filled with white down, bound in satin. White and Ivory only.


     Size            Weight           Price


    74"x94"        14 ozs           $195


    92"x92"       18 ozs           $250


    104"x94"      21 ozs           $275


    113"x104"     25 ozs           $325

white down sew thru down blankets white and ivory only