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girl under down comforter, on down pillow

Kids, Travel, TV Throw Down Comforters

 Kids will certainly enjoy the cozy comfort of a SnowgooseTM. down comforter.  Enjoy Snowgoose TM everywhere.  Reading, watching TV,  traveling in your RV or boat or at your favorite hotel.

white baffle box luxury goose down comforter

Snowgoose TM baffle box 400 thread count cotton

European White Goose Down 700 fp.

    Twin 68x88  22 ozs $525

              Twin 68x88  30 ozs $650   


Smaller sizes available in sew thru channel style.  


Call 800 872 3696
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white down sew thru down blankets white and ivory only

Down Blanket

 Summer Down Comforter Perfect for bedrooms that are 65 degrees or higher. This light down blanket is 100% cotton 230 threadcount, 5" box squares filled with white duck down, bound in satin. White and Ivory only.


     Size               Weight        Price


    74"x94"        14 ozs        $275


boy peeking out from down pillows
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