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All our testimonials are derived from emails received from customers after our follow up on their satisfaction with our products. To all respondants we would like to thank you for your valuable feedback.


The Original Down Company Makes Everything BETTER
"At the end of the day... our customers just KNOW BETTER.
You will be more comfortable too"

couple laughing under goose down comforter lying on square goose down pillow

Why Our Wonderful Customers Say it BETTER. Maybe it is because they get BETTER SLEEP and see the World in a better light...
When you experience pure luxury and comfort, you can't help but tell someone. We are happy some of our happy customers also decided to let us know how they were enjoying our products and services.We invite you to enjoy what some of our more discerning Customers have said about our luxury products and services. We loved hearing from them and their suggestions have always been responded to, with appropriate changes and improvements. They are the greatest teachers on earth for a dedicated company that aims to please, and constantly evolve into an even BETTER company for human comfort and health.

Down Doctor Pillow Renovation

The pillows are fantastic

I especially like that they are really stuffed - previously I used at least two pillows, now one is just right

Thank you Ruth S., Montana April 2017

Down Doctor Down Bed Renovation


I want to thank you for all of your help with renovating my down bed, I couldn’t be happier.
Going from the 4 to 6” was was a wonderful improvement, I truly love my little nest and I
sleep so comfy.  I also want to say that your customer service was 100%, something that is rare
these days, I really appreciate that you kept me informed thru the complete process and your
timeline was exactly as you said it would be,  if ever I need something more you’ll be my first call
and I would certainly recommend you to any one considering  a down product of any type, you are the best.
   JoAnne B., Florida March 2017

Down Doctor Comforter Renovation

Yes it is wonderful, like sleeping under a cloud and so temperature controlled I was surprised. Now I am searching for a good comforter cover, like a Ted Baker.

Thanks again.

Cathy F., Mississauga, Canada March 2017

Down Doctor Comforter Renovation

My pleasure, thanks for striving for perfection and the attention to detail as always! #quality.

I can't wait to get my new pillows, counting the days.

Have a great weekend too!

Massimo A., Alexandria Va. March 2017
Me again. 

I found the tracking and the package. The quilt is incredible. 

Thank you, Lisa
H., Salt Lake City, Utah March 2017


Down Doctor Comforter Renovation

  The comforter is wonderful!!!  I am thrilled with it!!!!   I was so impressed with how puffy and soft the comforter is!  And the quality of the workmanship!!   A thank you to everyone at the company who maintains such a high standard of excellence!  

Thanks you so much for being patient with me! I am so glad that I sent it to you!  

Lillian O. Gloucester, Mass. Feb. 10, 2017

Down Doctor Down/Featherbed Renovation

Dear Lisa,

I hope this finds you well. Now I’ve slept on the feather bed for a week, I feel able to provide feedback

It is better than new! It’s my old feather bed totally rejuvenated. It’s beyond expectations. The first night and since, I’ve slept so well. No aches and pains. Great support from the excellently stuffed baffle boxes. I figure I saved at least $2,000 by not buying brand new. And it should last me to the end of my days. J

 Betsie B., California January 2017

Down Doctor Comforter Renovation

Dear Lisa,

Wanted to let you know that I received my feather comforter.  I immediately unpacked it and put it on my bed.  It came back in great condition and the new cover is wonderful as well.  I will be recommending the Down Store to anyone needing to clean and renovate their feather pillows, comforters etc.  In fact, one of my sisters still has the one she was given by our mother, put away in a box in storage at her house, and I told her about the Down Store and recommended she get it out of her basement and send it out for cleaning and renovation and give it to one of her kids or grandkids. 

Marion C., December 2016


Down Doctor Comforter Renovation

Dear Lisa, I am back in the USA - and have fallen madly in love: With my new comforter!!! It is so beautiful, so light, so wonderful!! Have been sleeping in it for 2 nights now. "Never will be able to go back to before." We never had such a "feather-weight" blanket before. My husband, who never has been a down person, is sneakily trying to make it "his". Perhaps I let him. Very happy with our purchase! Thank you for navigating the process for me. The cotton storage bag arrived too.

Barbara G., Berkley Ca. November 2016

Eiderdown Comforter and BodyCloud 6" Down Topper

Hey, thanks for checking in. I love the 6" BodyCloud! The 4" is great, but Wow, this 6" is Awesome! As for the twin Eiderdown, it is a total win. Everyone loves it. And when the table is not being used, I have to close the door or my cat slips in and wants to sleep on it. 

I love this stuff. It takes an ordinary experience and makes it extraordinary.  If a third of one's life is spent in bed, might as well make it a wonderful experience! 
Karla P., Portland Oregon August 3, 2016


Down Doctor Comforter Renovation

The dune has arrived and it is just beautiful! The duvet cover is on and I jumped into bed. It was like slipping under a cloud! My grandmother would be so pleased.
Thank you so much! Beautiful product. Excellent customer service.
I am glad for a cool spring, I will be very cozy tonight.

Tina L., Connecticul April 27, 2016

Dear Lisa,

Everything is just as I had envisioned.  Very high quality work on all items and much appreciated.  Thanks for working with me on all of it.  I am sure this will be the last featherbed I will own and it will be passed on to my kids, just as the material for this one was.  I just lay under it and go “Aaaaahhhh”!

Donald P., Littleton Colorado April 28, 2016

Received my package today and could not wait to open that box! What a beautiful surprise I found and when I removed it from the box I started to so happy that I had it redone and will be sleeping under ot tonight having sweet dreams of mom  and dad. Thank you so much. 

Debra P., Clearfield, Pa. February 26, 2016

Hi Lisa,

I received the cleaned and renovated comforter, and I think it's wonderful! I'm so happy with it. Thank you for your guidance.

Nicole McG., Howell NJ. February 24, 2016


Hi Lisa,
We love it!  I was in Aruba and that is why you didn't hear from me. We came home the day before the storm and was preparing for it. The refrigerator was empty, snow blower was still in storage so we had lots to do.  But we opened the box to take a look and loved what we saw. 
I want you to know that my mother always had down comforters.  We lived in Williamsburg Brooklyn and right over the Williamsburg bridge was Delancy Street. That's where she brought the custom quilts. In fact there were many merchants selling underwear, undershirts, socks by the dozen only!  I have nice memories. Many  years later I bought mine there.  However they were old and slowly died off. After awhile I couldn't get mine refurbished. My friend and I found one old man but he didn't do the best but I used the quilt until I saw your ad in the NY Times.  Best thing ever.  Thanks for everything. I will definitely will tell my friends. 
Best regards,

Janet M., Wantaugh New York January 25, 2016


Down Inserts

Thank you Lisa, the inserts fit perfectly and look terrific!

Best, Dreux Claiden January 11, 2016

Snowgoose 6.5 Down Comforter

baffle box style comforter

Good Morning Lisa,      We have been away, so sorry for not getting back to you sooner.  We LOVE the comforter!!!  So very light and warm.   Thank you so very much for your help.   Have a very Happy New Year!!,    Margaret S., New Jersey January 4, 2016

Down Doctor Renovation


Please let me tell you that I was able to open the box with no damage to my tick!! 

Let me tell you that they feel GORGEOUS again!  I LOVE the fabric that you used on the ticks.  How divine!
I thank you so very much for your excellent work.  

So, yes, our Ticks are Perfect again!  If anyone asks for a testimonial for Down & Co., have them ask me.

Lisa A., Illinois January 8th 2016


BodyCloud Down Bed 6" Gusset


Good morning Lisa.  Thank you so very much for giving me such a wonderful down.It engolfs. you such a relaxing feeling, Like floating on a puffy cloud!  Warm wishes.   greig  

Down Doctor Renovation

Dear Lisa, The pillows and the comforter are just what I wanted.  Pillows are perfect and the comforter fits the bed just right and keeps me toasty all night.

Many thanks.  

Nancy Nock December 8, 2015


Hi Lisa:

 We are really enjoying our comforter, you did a great job.

 Mark Dec. 5, 2015

Hello Lisa:
Just a short note to inform you how happy we are with the remodeled king comforter. We sleep so well and are toasty warm, even with the windows open. So happy to wake up and have all the feathers stay put over us rather than have them land at the bottom of the bed keeping only our cats warm on the floor.
Thank you so much for everything.
Eva Powitz October 28th 2015

Down Doctor Renovation


The comforter was delivered yesterdayand we tentatively unwrapped it thinking our hopes would not, could not, be met. But, true to your word, our hopes and expectations were surpassed
by outstanding comforter we can now luxuriate in. The stitching is superb as is the cloth used for the comforter. It is obvious that our old, worn-out comforter was given great care and now
has a new lease on life. Thank you and everyone who works with you
for restoring our comforter and your hard work and great effort is

Janet and Doug A., Montperlier Vt. Oct. 5, 2015

Down Doctor Renovation

Thank you – I just got back from Europe and sleeping under wonderful down comforters and I am looking forward to having my comforter back!  You have been so easy to work with and I know my “baby” was in good hands!

Michele K. Florida Sept. 3, 2015

Down Doctor Renovation

Dear Lisa,

I received the package last Tuesday.  Thank you for getting it here on time.  The duvet looks really clean.  The new featherbed is wonderful!
 We really missed having a featherbed while we were waiting for the replacement, but it was worth the wait.  I will definitely use your services again and recommend them to friends. Thank you for your time and help.


Verena Z., Oregon August 31st 2015

Custom Down Beds

Hi Lisa,

Mrs. Tober says: "They're very nice, comfy and terrific!" Thanks for all your help,

Liz July 13, 2015

Snowgoose Pillows

down pillows
I brought my new pillows to my new home with my new hubby. He thinks they are great and so do I. Thank you.
Nancy​G. July 6, 2015


The featherbed arrived on monday and it is indeed a thing of glorious beauty. The minute I took it out of the box it poofed up,
like it was alife. It wasevenly distributed, very impressive. Barbara B., Oakland. CA. June 23rd 2015

Body Pillow

Hi Lisa! I must say your products never cease to live up to their expectations. The body pillow is ultra plush and the silk sheet was the perfect cherry on top :). I’m very happy and pleased.

Massimo A. Texas May 12, 2015

Down Doctor Renovation

 Hi, Lisa ...I loooove my comforter. It's better than it was when I first got it! Thank you so much for your help. Have a great day!

Madeline G, Houston, Tx. April 27th, 2015

Down Doctor Renovation              


It is fabulous.  We are very happy with it and can’t say enough great things about your company.
Kirsten D., West Palm Beach, FL. April 21, 2015

BodyCloud Down Bed 6" Gusset


The other comments I wanted to add are that now I have a bed fit for a Pharaoh (not even a King, Tsar or President, this is beyond!). When I slipped into bed I literally felt like I was melting into a cloud! It instantly and immediately made my lower back feel relief. I was so overwhelmed and overjoyed I actually cried (people that also suffer from some form of chronic excruciating back pain will understand my emotional reaction). This along with the pairing of top quality mulberry silk sheets made the BodyCloud experience feel beyond luxurious with emphasis on  SOFT and FLUFFY. I recommend all new and first time customers to do what I did i.e. purchase a set of high quality silk sheets, take a warm bath/shower and THEN try it out for the first time. The experience is sublime! The most remarkable 5 about the BodyCloud is that it also keeps my body heat at the ideal temperature; I did not get too cold or too hot. This was definitely worth every penny; incidentally and if feasible to be made, in about 2 years hopefully when I finally purchase a place of my own I plan on having this in my guest bedroom and for the master bedroom I want to get a king size custom made BodyCloud down MATTRESS (twice the size of this one, so it would be around 12-13 inches thick, pure heaven I'm sure). 

I can't thank you enough for the OUTSTANDING customer service, it was prompt, courteous and always accommodating. May I say 10 stars?
I really hope to see my feedback posted on your website, we need to get the word out there to people with major back/neck/muscle issues that this bed/bedding is THE one!

Massimo A., Texas September 2014

BodyCloud Down/Feather Bed

Hi Lisa We were away at Hershey Park with grandchildren Slept last night on new bed Heaven!!! Cannot thank you enough for your care
and expert craftsmanship It's a unique combination in today's world We give you our highest recommendation Five Star
Best Steven K. DDS, NYC Sept. 2014

BodyCloud Down/Feather Bed

Hi Lisa, 
We were out of town and so had not yet slept on our cloud when you first wrote.  Now we have had three nights  with it and are delighted!  It is exactly what we needed.  Already I have noticed better quality of sleep and my hips do not achen.  I am so glad I found the Down Co and I am so pleased with the personal attention we have received.  I am already recommending you to our friends.

Nancy F, River Falls, WI. Sept. 2014

The featherbed Extra Stuffed I can't get out of bed. I am SO comfortable. Again, WOW!!!

Tom S., Chicago Sept. 2014

BodyCloud Down/Feather Bed Extra Stuffed

I absolutely love it!!!! I'm so excited all day thinking about coming home taking a bath and climbing in my bed! It is truly like sleeping on a cloud! Thanks so much. Happy holidays 
Christy Sept. 2014
Snowgoose 6.5 comforter 
channel baffle down comforter

The bed of my dreams! Thanks so much. Donna Boden

Snowgoose 6.5 comforter

Yes, OMG, it is fabulous! Thank you!

Judson Aug. 2014

Snowgoose 6.5 comforter

We have received our fabulous comforter and duvet cover.They are wonderful; cloud-like and very well constructed and is luxurious. Thank you very much!! Aug.2014

Snowgoose 6.5 Down Comforter
Dear Lisa,
We are enjoying our
comforter. We especially like the lightness of it  and still very warm. Everything you told us about the comforter is  absolutely true. happy New Year!
Sue B, Naples, Fl. July 2014

Snowgoose 6.5 Down Comforter

Hi Lisa,

  The comforter is awesome! Can't wait for the body cloud. Thanks,

Richard R. Middle Village, NY July 2014

Snowgoose 6.5 comforter
channel baffle down comforter

Hi Lisa,

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful my comforter is! It really keeps me really warm and my bedroom is cold!

Barbara k., Chicago, Ill. July 2014

We're enjoying it very much, and have had to set our thermostat lower because it's so warm.
Shelly J., Pleasantville, NY June 2014

BodyCloud Down Bed


Do I deserve this much perfection and luxury? I sure do! I opened up the first box and thought I would die. Then
I opened a cover from the cover box and thought I'd gone to heaven! Then I covered the mattress, dressed the bed and tried it out. Oh my! Oh my! Now I'm getting ready to prepare the second one. I sure do deserve this! Thank you so much and thanks to all the folks who helped out. It'such a joy and a half and I will treasure it all for my entire life.

Joan W., New York City June 2013

BodyCloud Down Bed

I really enjoy everything I purchased from you! Thank you for your service and great products.
Peter F., Colorado

BodyCloud Down Bed

I love my BodyCloud Down Bed , it is a whole new experience. I feel like I'm 20 years old when I wake up
next morning.

Marsha J. Washington, DC June 2013

BodyCloud Down Bed

Good Day Lisa,

Thank you for follow up.   I now refer to my husband as "Mr. Body Cloud".  We normally don't get to bed until late
and are very early risers.  Now, I can't seem to get him out of bed and we actually are excited to be nestled into
"the cloud" in the evenings.  Thank  you for recommending the feather bed upgrade, as I believe it gives the added
cushioning.  Yes, we are pleased and are truly enjoying our bed.

D.R. Arizona May 2013

BodyCloud Down Bed

Lisa, I just want to thank you so much for all your help selecting my body cloud .I absolutely LOVE it. I was very
hesitant to order as I had previously purchased a very expensive featherbed elsewhere that claimed to be the
best,it was very disappointing and the customer service was terrible,but after speaking with you I felt I
absolutely had to try the body cloud! I am so glad that I did,everything you told me was 100% true and this body
cloud does make my bed feel like I'm on a cloud. Your follow thru with my order and customer service was
appreciated as nowadays that's almost a thing of the past,I would certainly recommend anyoneconsidering a
featherbed call and speak with you and I'm certain they will not be disappointed!!THANKS AGAIN,   

Joanne B.May 2013

                                                                                                                BodyCloud Down Bed   

Hi Lisa: My 99 year old father received his BodyCloud and said it was his best night's sleep ever!

Nina Z, New Hope, Pa. May 2013

BodyCloud Down Bed                  

Hi Lisa

Thanks for your email. The Body Cloud is great and well named. Its just like sleeping on a cloud. We are thoroughly enjoying it.
I also need to mention that your service was fantastic which we particularly appreciated, due to the distances involved.
Thanks again for your help.

Kind regards
Mike Lotyczuk, SW Australia May 2013

BodyCloud Down Bed

Slept amazingly well last night...could hardly get out of bed this morning! I'm very pleased with my purchase.Great tip to
put a fitted sheet on the Body Cloud itself,without squishing it to the mattress. I've been airing it out every morning -- neat
to watch it fluff back up.

Still sleeping like a log - thanks!
Andrew T. Austin, Texas
April 2013

BodyCloud Down Bed

We had a wonderful time in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico and wishedfor five nights that we had taken the All Down BodyCloud with us-we rested beautifully for four nights, at home and then left for Colorado where we did not sleep nearly as well-I am here to tell you that the All Down BodyCloud has truly made me feel better-You cannot believe the people I have shared this with---Everyone was so concerned about the heat in Corpus and being too hot-Well, nuts to that! I will contact you in the very near future-I think I need another BodyCloud and protector for the guest bedroom--My sweet new husband snores like a racehorse and occasionally I need to sleep in the spare bedroom---we love the All down BodyCloud feather bed-and most importantly, thank you so much for expediting our order-- We need to market the bedding to fibromyalgia patients
and patients with trochanter bursitis--

Karen U., Corpus Christi, Texas Mar. 2013

BodyCloud Down Bed

The down bed is out of this world. I love to sink into it every night,sometimes it is difficult to get out of bed.

Margaret H, Sag Harbor, NY Mar. 2013

love it! I can sleep on my side the entire night without my hips getting sore.
Thanks for asking.
Marianne K., Houston, Tx.
I put a second one on top. It is fantastic. Thank you!
Marianne K., Houston, Tx. Mar. 2013


Receiving the package from UPS was like welcoming home
old friends
. We could not wait to go to bed.  It was the best sleep we've had in three weeks. You have done a superb job at refurbishing  our comforters and pillows. Thank you for the fast service since our daughters will be here tomorrow. It has been a pleasure doing business with “all of you”.

Regards, Janet Feb. 2013

Down Doctor Services

Hi Lisa,
Second comforter arrived in Maryland; I have yet to see it as I'm back in NJ with the incredible queen comforter -- I feel like a queen, nicest comforter I've ever had -- and just in time for the cold weather. Makes it special, too, that this is my grandmother's down So, thank you! This has been a fun and very worthwhile adventure for me.

Best regards
Barb Feb. 2013

Down Doctor Services
Hi Lisa,
I can honestly say that my new and improved comforter is wonderful! The bad news is who wants
to get up and leave it in the morning.. Wishing you a great season as you help people stay warm and cozy, your suggestion was great.
 Doreen A, Iowa, Jan 2013

Down Doctor Services

Dear Lisa,

I received the 2 boxes yesterday. The items are wonderful. I appreciate your commitment to quality
and attention to detail.

Judith Jan. 2013

BodyCloud Down Bed

down bed

My featherbed has arrived - and I must say it's a dream. I love it so much and I feel so rested in the morning.I will
let you know if my husbond wants a featherfed too (if I let him try mine) but I can only reconmend it. Thank you so much.

Kind regards,
Birgit, Denmark Sept. 2012

BodyCloud Down Bed

It is amazing. We love it. Worth every penny. I have 3 of them.

Tracey B., Houston, TX
August 2011

BodyCloud Down Bed

Dear Lisa,

I know this is long overdue, but thanks for your help with the purchase of the BodyCloud.  It’s really a luxurious

Michael E. Chicago
July 2011

Down Mattress Topper
Snowgoose all down mattress topper

Dear Lisa:

Our first night on the toppers was wonderful - it was the first morning my partner hasn't woken up with a headache
for a long time! All in all a great sleeping experience which has created a bed fit for royalty I'd say!

Michelle M. Hertfordshire, England May 2010

customer service representative

Thank you Lisa, Gus called me and both of you have been great. I appreciate you both going above and beyond with customer service. I will ship the order back tomorrow and supply the tracking information. am looking forward to the Snowgoose!


Brett W., Austin, TX June 2009
Down Doctor Services

After renovation, our beloved BodyCloud is better than ever, and we're absolutely delighted with it.

Margaret H, Los Angeles May 2009

BodyCloud 50/50 Extra Stuffed


Lisa, I just left a message on the phone for you.  I feel like a princess this morning, well rested from my nights sleep in absolute luxury.  Love the comforter and the feather bed is more sumptuous than I ever dreamed. Looking forward to the pillows, life keeps getting better
and better.
Thank you

Nadine F. New York June 2006

Snowgoose 6.5 Pillows

down pillows
The pillows arrived safely and they are great. Thanks for everything.

Lars. APO Cairo, Egypt May 2006

Luxury Italian Duvet Cover

Hi Lisa,

The duvet cover is really lovely, feels sumptuous as I hoped, and worked out beautifully with my comforter because it is light and yet lofty and so it fills out the duvet to perfection. Thank you for asking. Nikki April 2007

royal crown
Eiderdown Comforter

Hi Lisa,

Although I was totally exhausted from traveling, the FIRST thing I did upon coming in to the house was check out the comforter! I was really glad that I purchased the duvet covers from you and had them here as well. I fell into bed with the comforter and had the best night's sleep that I can recall in years!

Both my husband, Aaron, and I LOVE the comforters. They are way better than what either of us anticipated. I am hooked! You have gained another loyal customer.

Karla, Portland, Or. July 2013

Snowbird Le System (Comforter, pillows, featherbed)

clean down comforter, clean down pillow,featherbed cleaned

My bedroom is my oasis so I wanted super luxury bedding. My Snowgoose comforter and pillows and featherbed do just that.

Joan P, St. Louis, Mo.
June 2013

Eiderdown Comforter

My husband and I are still enjoying our Eiderdown comforter now for some pillows too.

The pillows are fabulous. You were so right about fill quantity. We love them.

n DC May 2013

Eiderdown Comforter

I had always wanted a real Eiderdown. This is everything I thought it would be, toasty warm, light as air and amazingly cool and comfortable in summer.

Linda, Merrickville, NY
July 2013

Eiderdown Comforter

channel baffle down comforter

Hi Lisa,

Hey, I am glad you wrote! The big boxes arrived a few days ago, and I could hardly wait to pull the beds apart and try them out. My son, who has been living in Tennessee, has temporarily moved home while he is in a job transition. He was the first one to lay down on the bed and he LOVED it! He "gets it"

Please keep me in the loop and let me know when you have sales..... I may be prone to expanding the joy of bedding to those in my family who also can appreciate down. I look forward to working with you in the future, and I'm excited about the arrival of the Eider. Thanks much, Lisa! Yours, Karla, Portland, Aug. 2014

Snowgoose Le System (Comforter, pillows, featherbed)

re-stuffed down comforter, re-stuffed down Pillow-re-stuffed featherbed

Regarding our Snowgoose Nest: We must count this as one of our prized purchases Your services and knowledge of the products were instrumental in helping us make the perfect choice for our needs. The generous use of quality down allows us to now enjoy at home what we once traveled to five star hotels to experience. (A good night's luxurious rest.)

Many regards,

Mease and Morris J.
San Diego, Ca.
Mar. 2012

Down Doctor Renovation

Dear Lisa,

Thanks, again, so very much for all you've done. I promise to let you know how the cover fits the hospital bed. The line below your logo, "Exceeding expectations" is certainly is true.

Sallie, California
Mar. 2012

Hello Lisa,
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Was going to send you a note everything arrived in good time. I just love the pillows and comforter. Cannot wait to get under the covers at night
The pillows are just right. My son is raving about his king pillows 
Sooooo good

Heather K, Chicago
Feb. 2012


renovated down comforter, down pillow, featherbed
Dear Lisa,
     My "blankey" is wonderful! Thank you for all your extra effort to make it possible. I was so anxious to get it done before I landed bed ridden that I rushed you, I know.  I'm in some kind of remission and doing what the doctors thought impossible..................and enjoying each day with most of my usual activities. I have so appreciate your help. Everything about the revived comforters smell and feel new and wonderful but with much sentiment enclosed in the new covers. As I mentioned on the phone, I really need some colder weather to be able to fully appreciate mine. I start out with just a sheet and the bedroom sliding door to the deck wide open. (Don't like air conditioning at night) About 2:00 am I'm able to pull it up and snuggle but it usually goes back down to my feet. Think maybe there's been one or two nights it was still up. The duvet cover fits the hospital bed so thank you for this also.
     From the first time I talked to you on the phone you have been delightful and helpful to work with. Having had a retail fine-jewelry store for 40 years I appreciate dedicated employees and hope your company realizes what a gem they have in you.
 Sallie M., Los Gatos California Feb. 2012

Down Doctor Services

Dear Lisa,
The down comforter arrived safely, yesterday.  It looks and feels lovely! The quality of the materials and workmanship seem quite superior.  I'm sure my daughter will enjoy it for many years to come.   I have really appreciated all your help and consideration throughout this process.   Thank you.
Barbara R. Feb. 2012

Dear Lisa,
This is just to confirm that the rehabilitated comforter arrived safely.  I want to thank you for your excellent service and fine work.  I’ll be happy to recommend you!

Best wishes,
Anne Feb. 2012


Hi Lisa,
Thank you so much for the pillow. It is wonderful. I am so glad to have discovered the DownStore and I want to particularly thank you for your conversation and outstanding customer service.
Sincerely Yours,
Charlotte Leigh Feb. 2012
insert down/feather for a chair

I am completely delighted by your work in replacing the down on my old sofa cushions.  They're like new, the way they were when I bought the sofa 30 years ago.  Most of all I loved the amazing convenience, and having them back within two weeks.
Now I have the joyful experience of seeing my clients sit on the sofa and their eyes light up in surprise at the unexpected comfort on the previously annoyingly hard cushions. 

Great job!  Thank you SOFA DOCTOR! Feb. 2012

Dr. Ethna, Washington DC

Sofa Inserts

  The down inserts are great and exactly what I had hoped for!  Thank you for all of your help.   How does this sound for an exciting life?  For the first couple of days my husband and I would watch after one of us got up and see it go back to its pre-sitting shape. 

Paula N, New Hampshire

Sofa Inserts

down feather sofa inserts

Well, you were absolutely right…’s better than new!  I couldn’t be happier.  I unpacked all the boxes on Thur. evening and welcomed my guests in the next day.  They had no idea that just 24 hours early there was no place to sit.  My friend from Stewart and Clark was here yesterday and took pictures to take back to her clients.  Thanks so much for your work.

Lisa, B. Michigan
Jan. 2012